| Stink over Cape Town portable toilet contract continues

4 | Stink over Cape Town portable toilet contract continues

Communal toilets in Dunoon, Cape Town, are full to the brim following a dispute between residents and the City.

Communal lavatories in Dunoon, Cape Metropolis, are tubby to the brim following a dispute between residents and the Metropolis.

Photo: Peter Luhanga/GroundUp

  • Some Dunoon residents are now no longer overjoyed with the recent contractor for loo companies. 
  • Residents positioned faeces on the nearby N7 to method consideration to the realm. 
  • The Metropolis of Cape Metropolis said it did the entirety precisely, and the distress is that residents could per chance presumably moreover now no longer allow the recent contractor in. 

Maggots, flies and bags of faeces count on residents of Dunoon’s Build 5 settlement in Cape Metropolis each day as a brand recent transportable bog contractor battles to delivery up work.

Some residents are worrying the return of the earlier contractor. 

Those that can, traipse to a native shop to make exercise of the loo – however, without fashioned running water at the shop, this is now no longer hygienic either. 

A provide, speaking on situation of anonymity, informed News24 it was once now as a lot as workers of the Department of Public Works to salvage the bags of faeces left round Build 5. The most recent lavatories are unusable and the workers could per chance presumably moreover acquire sick.

The provision said that, as a consequence of the impasse, the lavatories had been overflowing. It was once distressing residents, who had been also panicked about their neatly being at some stage in the Covid-19 pandemic as Dunoon was once identified as a hotspot at one point.

They said the contract of 1 firm, Mshengu Lavatory Rent, had lumber its route, and residents weren’t overjoyed in regards to the recent firm, Sanitech, which the Metropolis of Cape Metropolis appointed thanks to alleged unfortunate provider by Mshengu Lavatory Rent.

“We resolve Mshengu lend a hand,” said the provision.

They added that the veracity of signatures on a petition they submitted to the Metropolis was once also puzzled. When they utilized for a allow to disclose, they did now no longer acquire a answer, so some folks put apart faeces on the nearby N7 nationwide toll road.

The provision said the “bucket” lavatories had now no longer been cleaned since the beginning of August. 

Mshengu fashioned manager Hilton Cupido confirmed that it had held a contract for round 800 fast-term lavatories, which ended on 30 June 2020.

The firm had stayed on till the end of July, at no extra discover. He said it couldn’t discover anyway since the contract had ended and no bill could per chance presumably moreover be issued.

However it for sure had now no longer been ready to clean or diagram up for the outmoded lavatories to be eliminated, as a consequence of the stress in the house. 

Dunoon is section of a fast-rising location end to Blouberg, Parklands and Table Discover in Cape Metropolis, with recent shacks being constructed continuously to accommodate the rising demand for more cost-effective lodging, including on land already earmarked for housing or infrastructure upgrades. 

Sanitech managing director Robert Erasmus said the firm was once beforehand sub-shriveled to give 250 of the total alternative of transportable lavatories wanted by Mshengu.

He outlined that, thanks to the density of the shacks, in certain conditions it has to make exercise of lavatories with a removable container, by approach of a flap at the lend a hand, because automobiles can now no longer acquire closer to the lavatories for extraction and cleaning. 

The container had to be eliminated by approach of the flap and taken to the closest blow their personal horns the automobiles where they had been emptied, cleaned and refilled with water and put apart lend a hand into the lend a hand of the transportable bog construction.

It had been shriveled to give 1 000 fashions.

For the reason that dispute by residents over the contract, Sanitech had also now no longer been ready to clean lavatories. Also, in the previous, workers had been attacked and threatened. 

Mayoral committee member for water and waste Xanthea Limberg said Mshengu Lavatory Rent’s contract was once as a consequence of end on 30 June, and, after a tender process, a contract was once awarded to Sanitech for the Metropolis’s Space 1. 

However, she said Sanitech had now no longer been ready to circulation onto the positioning.

“The community has prevented Sanitech from conducting the work that they’ve been appointed to construct, which involves changing chemical lavatories, to boot to cleaning and servicing the lavatories,” said Limberg.

“Residents blocking off this work from being carried out must please salvage in solutions the wants of the community and allow the legally appointed contractor to bring these companies.”

Limberg said the Metropolis was once legally prohibited from interfering in the appointment of Sanitech and, at some stage in the period of Mshengu’s contract with Sanitech, there had been no complaints to the Metropolis.

The Metropolis was once also now no longer required to consult the community over the provider provider, however had discussed traits with the councillor to be certain there was once feedback between the Metropolis and the residents.

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She said the Metropolis hottest tubby-flush lavatories, however most incessantly it was once constrained by land possession, land forms and density of constructions. 

“We encourage residents to present the recent contractors the alternative to give the chemical lavatories, so that their provider would per chance be assessed.”

She said the petition despatched to the Metropolis was once answered to on 31 July. 

Mayoral committee member for metropolis management Grant Twigg informed News24 that, concerning the utility for a allow to disclose, all gatherings had been prohibited below the latest direct of distress.