| Cops used deadly and prohibited ammunition to kill Nathaniel Julies, court hears

5 | Cops used deadly and prohibited ammunition to kill Nathaniel Julies, court hears

Police officers Simon Scorpion Ndyalvana (left) and Caylene Whiteboy (right).

Law enforcement officials Simon Scorpion Ndyalvana (left) and Caylene Whiteboy (licensed).

  • Law enforcement officials accused of killing Nathaniel Julies allegedly gentle lethal ammunition that used to be prohibited by the dispute.
  • Sergeant Simon Scorpion Ndyalvane allegedly booked out an empty shotgun which he allegedly loaded with the prohibited ammunition.
  • The Protea Magistrate’s Court docket used to be instructed that Ndyalvane had old convictions of assault and a pending case against him while working for the police.  

The Protea Magistrate’s Court docket in Soweto has been instructed how a police officer allegedly loaded the lethal and prohibited ammunition gentle to shoot tiresome 16-year-dilapidated Nathaniel Julies. 

The ammunition, which has been declared illegal by the dispute used to be reportedly loaded, by Sergeant Simon Scorpion Ndyalvane, into a firearm belonging to the Eldorado Park police location, the court heard. 

In a statement moving by Self sufficient Police Investigative Directorate senior investigator Johannes Mathoko, the court used to be instructed how Ndyalvane booked out a shotgun from his space of business and loaded it with his score ammunition. 

Mathoko said Ndyalvane had earlier fired the lethal ammunition at a crowd of of us that were ingesting liquor in Freedom Park end to Eldorado Park. 

He testified that, from Freedom Park, Ndyalvane and co-accused Constable Caylene Whiteeboy then headed to Eldorado Park, the place Whiteboy allegedly fired a shot at Julies at end fluctuate, killing the teenager. 

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“Ndyalvane then loaded the injured Julies into a police automobile and drove to health facility, the place he used to be declared tiresome. On the health facility, Ndyalvane then called his colleague Detective Sergeant Foster Netshiongolo to tamper with the scene,” said Mathoko. 

Netshiongolo had been booked off sick on that day, but he managed to inch to the crime scene and allegedly tampered with it. 

“Netshiongolo staged a crime scene and placed ammunition to faux that it used to be an earlier shooting between police and gangs,” said Mathoko.

Based mostly fully on the autopsy document, Julies allegedly sustained puncture wounds to the chest and abdomen that were in step with pellets fired from a gun. 

His motive slack death used to be allegedly a gunshot afflict to the chest and abdomen.

Mathoko said ammunition gentle to break Julies used to be banned to be used and regarded as to be reside ammunition, alleging:

“Ndyalvane clearly supposed to employ ammunition he obtained somewhere. He also gentle prohibited ammunition on a dispute firearm. Julies posed no menace to them. Netshongolo tried to mislead [the] investigation and that proved total motive by the accused. Since he used to be off responsibility and booked off sick, he used to be no longer speculated to be end to the accused.”

“Netshiongolo even went to nurses at the health facility and instructed them that he’ll signal off the deceased’s body.

Later at the scene, he had informed Julies’ household that he would possibly perhaps maybe maybe no longer reduction them on account of he used to be off responsibility,” Mathoko said. 

‘He didn’t pose a hazard to somebody’

Mathoko added that his investigation had published that Ndyalvane had old convictions of assault, moreover to a pending case against him. 

Mathoko requested the court no longer to grant Ndyalvane, Witheboy and Netshiongolo bail, fearing that would possibly perhaps maybe also madden residents. 

“They (accused) would possibly perhaps maybe merely face lifestyles imprisonment would possibly perhaps maybe merely calm they be convicted. They are familiar with the identification of witnesses and are working within the dwelling. They are law enforcement officials, and so that they would maybe maybe merely affect witnesses who’re identified to their colleagues. 


Group contributors expose all over a sit down down gentle yelp against the killing of 16 year dilapidated Nathaniel Julies at Eldorado Park.

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“The household of [the] deceased and residents were plagued by this incident. They were stunned that Julies, who posed no menace to them on account of he used to be disabled, shall be killed by of us meant to guard him,” said Mathoko.

In a statement moving by Julies’ mother Bridget Harris, she instructed the court that on that day she went to the police location shopping for her son, but thar Eldorado Park police had failed to assist her. Harris then went to Chris Hani Baragwanth Smartly being facility, the place she figured out her deceased son. 

“My son used to be very gentle and didn’t pose hazard to somebody. They’d maybe maybe merely calm no longer score bail. Law enforcement officials are expert to guard and no longer to break. What they did to us will trigger extra distress and injustice would possibly perhaps maybe merely calm they be launched, and we are anxious of them,” said Harris. 

The listening to continues.